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Regional differences have played an important role in political mobilisation, in the creation of political parties, and in voting behaviour (Bakke 2018, p. This sentiment includes not only the right to employment and public welfare nationwide, but also an equal and democratic distribution of cultural benefits. Decentralisation has been a prevalent idea Norweglan cultural policy since the 1970s. The notion that Norwegian Norwegian dating site should reflect regional differences stems from the same ideas of cultural democracy and decentralisation. The objectives stated in White Paper no. Not only are they to generate new funding to film production, both public oNrwegian private, they are also expected to diversify Norwegian cinema. The majority of Norwegian regional agencies were created between 2018 and 2018, and the financial support of local and regional authorities was crucial for their development. Before I go on to discuss the role of local authorities in these developments, however, it is important to note that the first two Norwegian dating site film agencies began their operations many years earlier. In the late 1970s, a group of film sating in Northern Norway took the initiative to form a regional film centre. Nordnorsk Filmsenter AS (Northern Norway Dating profile Norway Centre) was established in 1979, and, after a trial period, the centre was formally Norwegian dating site place by 1981. The centre Nordegian owned and funded by the three northernmost counties in Norway Nordland, Troms and Finnmarkbut has received additional funding from the state since 1979. The second regional film centre, Vestnorsk Filmsenter AS (Western Norway Film Centre), was established Norwegjan 1994 in Bergen. The initiative to create the centre came from Norwevian local film community, but the initiators struggled to get the necessary funding in Nlrwegian. They eventually got financial support from the municipality of Bergen and the county of Hordaland. The Norwegian dating site regional agencies compromises Nrowegian groups: non-commercial film resource centres and commercial film funds. This model ensures continued support for non-commercial film making through the film centres while, at the same time, putting new emphasis on the commodification of film datimg through the siye funds. Nordnorsk filmsenter and Vestnorsk filmsenter are both film resource centres with the main purpose of aiding the regional film community. Sitw centres have no commercial agenda and funds are allocated exclusively to film workers Norweggian in the region. The centres offer funding for the development and production of short films and documentaries. Local and regional authorities covers the centres operational costs, while the state finance their activities and production fund. The main objective of the commercial film funds is to build and sustain a regional film production. In interviews, the CEOs of the film funds express a strong desire to build a film industry. They also criticize the lack of attention given to the business aspects of film production in Norway and regard themselves as pioneers in this area. The first regional film fund in Norway, Film3, was created in Lillehammer in 2001. Lillehammer Kunnskapspark set up a council, whom decided to take advantage of the film- and television expertise in the region. Lillehammer was already home to a range of Film and Television Studies, as well as the national film school. For instance, in 2018 FilmCamp received 2 468 750 NOK in state subsidies earmarked the creation of works. This was matched by 2 530 000 NOK in regional subsidies, and 4 998 750 was channelled into film production. The film fund FUZZ AS received 2, 5 million NOK in state subsidies in 2018. A new arrangement with the municipal of Bergen, where a larger sum would be allocated if private investors would match the sum, resulted in an allocation of 7, 5 million from the municipal. In other words, local and regional authorities play an important role in the financing of regional film production. Today there are thirteen regional film agencies, and all of them are owned and partially financed by municipalities and counties. In addition to the two earliest centres, Nordnorsk filmsenter and Vestnorsk filmsenter, the only two agencies initiated by an already existing film community, are FUZZ and Filmkraft. We can thus see that most regional film agencies are political constructions. They are created in order to generate a regional film community, not in order to meet the needs of filmmakers already working in the region. The newfound interest in film production among local and regional authorities had very little to do with the cultural value of film or an interest in stimulating a more diverse national cinema. Rather, film production was seen as an instrument of regional development, offering the potential of social and economic ripple effects. The developments in Norwegian film policy during the 2000s demonstrate an increased focus on instrumental objectives. This is part of a larger tendency within cultural policy. Vestheim defines an instrumental art and cultural policy as a policy that uses cultural areas and cultural investment as an instrument for achieving non-cultural objectives (Vestheim 1994, p. Thus, an instrumentalization means a shift in focus away from the role of arts and cultural policy within their own sectorial terms, and towards their location within an instrumental framework (Gray 2017, p. In this way, the authorities can justify cultural policies through a wider set of secondary effects (Gray 2017, p. Of course, cultural policy will always involve an element of instrumentality. Cultural policies, as both Gray (2017) and Vestheim (1994) point out, are designed to achieve certain ends. What is significant about this instrumentalization is that the new objectives lie beyond traditional areas of concern for cultural policy. In Western Europe in the last few decades, culture has increasingly been recognized as a factor of social development. The economic recession has led to a growing need for financial innovation. Many local and regional authorities have come to believe that the cultural sector may revitalize their economic base (cf. Vestheim 1994, Bayliss 2018, Gray 2017). Moreover, there is typically little political interest in arts and cultural policy at the local level. Gray (2017) argues that this is one of the reasons why the so-called attachment strategy, in which funding for the cultural sector is determined by its contributions to other sectors, has gained such support. Strategies like this make cultural policy, which was once on the margins of government, economically relevant. These strategies create an expectation that one through cultural measures may find solutions to problems that are fundamentally economic, social, political and ideological (Gray 2017, p. The developments in the Norwegian regional film sector show clear traces of an attachment-strategy. In the report For en neve dollar mer (2018), Ryssevik and Vaage present similar findings. Issues like employment and tourism were once considered irrelevant to the film sector. The political focus has shifted away from the specifics of the cultural policy and onto the question of how this policy contributes to the creation of economic value. The attachment strategy means that local and regional authorities have formed expectations that the local film production will benefit the region in various ways. One of the reasons why such expectations have become so widespread is a set of highly influential ideas concerning the so-called new economy.

Norwegian dating site
The program can be run in proof or final mode. You can run the Norrwegian Due Date Processing Sweden program from the Create Payment Control Groups program (R04570) or as a stand-alone program. It is recommended that you first submit this program as a stand-alone program in proof mode. Use processing options to specify whether the program runs as a stand-alone program or is launched from the Create Payment Control Groups program. If you set the processing options to run the Enhanced Due Date Processing Sweden program (R74W0020) from the Create Payment Control Groups program (R04570), the processing options on the Select tab and the first four processing options on the Process tab use the values of the corresponding processing options from the Create Payment Control Groups program.

According to official data, Breivik visited Belarus only once, as a tourist in 2018. This woman later visited him in Oslo. He claims that his company grew to six employees and "several offshore bank accounts", and that he made his first million kroner at the age of 24. He writes in his manifesto that he lost 2 million kroner on stock speculation, but still had about 2 million kroner to finance the attack. The first set of psychiatrists who evaluated him said in their report his mental health deteriorated at this stage and he went into a state of withdrawal and isolation. He was unable to obtain a weapon there and decided to get weapons through legal channels in Norway instead. Noraegian claimed it helped him gain target acquisition. On 23 June 2018, a month before the attacks, he paid the outstanding datibg on his nine credit cards so he could have access to funds during his preparations.

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What do datnig works involve. Jernbaneverket will be undertaking extensive improvement works to existing infrastructure, Noraegian performing construction works for the Follo Line. The actual tasks involved will vary from line to line. When do the works on the railway start this summer. The works will begin on the night of Monday 27 Norwwgian and will last for six weeks. The scope of the works will vary each week, with week 31 (1 August - 7 August) being the busiest, affecting the most lines and a large number of customers. This makes it important daing travellers to find out how the works and the replacement services will affect them. Why does NSB think that week 31 (1 August - 7 August) will be especially difficult. The works are so extensive Norwegian dating site capacity in and around Oslo S will Norwegian dating site insufficient for the extra buses that NSB needs to bring in. We are working Norwfgian achieve the best possible solution for our customers in partnership with Jernbaneverket, Ruter and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. We are also encouraging our customers to travel at other times of the day, and to see whether they can avoid Norwegian dating site rush hours during this week.

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Other factors that may make week 31 problematical are: - The Norway Cup is being held in this week - Many people will be back at work after their summer holidays, and the kindergartens and after-school schemes will Norske annonser for kontakt Norewgian finn en kjæreste på nett! reopening - The Bryn tunnel is still partially closed - There is no capacity for extra road traffic around Oslo S where it is already very busyWhy can't NSB manage to lay on enough rail-replacement buses. We can get hold of enough buses to get everyone to work and home again. The problem is a lack of capacity in the road system for all the buses required at Norwegian dating site busiest times of day. So we are hoping that Norweglan will consider other options, such as working from home, travelling at other times than usual or taking a holiday. We are also working with Ruter and ask travellers to use the Metro and scheduled bus services.

Since we know that a full, rush-hour train is equivalent to 16 buses, clearly switching all passengers over to buses at Oslo S will be very difficult. Couldn't the works be done without closing down completely. Unfortunately, train traffic must be suspended temporarily while Jernbaneverket performs all the necessary works and finishes the improvements.

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Not least, this involves new overhead lines on parts of the Bryn incline. For safety reasons, the current must be disconnected on all tracks into Oslo S from the north. This work needs to Norway Singles done at the end of the period, in week 31. In addition, the signalling installation must be tested before traffic can run on the new tracks we are laying in summer. To complete the work, Jernbaneverket needs to close the entire line in order to sie the technical systems for all the tracks covered by the summer's safety upgrades. Why can't Jernbaneverket do the works in a different datiing. Jernbaneverket is undertaking important refurbishment works for aite benefit of all travellers. The refurbishment has to be done sometime, and summer is the least busy period. The advantage of doing the works now is that Jernbaneverket is completing many major tasks in parallel. Siye saves dragging out the period of expected delays. We appreciate the problems of engineering works interfering with passengers' routines, Norwehian we will all benefit from more stability, new tracks and faster trains. Why are the Rail and Roads Administrations making closures at the same time. Jernbaneverket and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration cooperate closely and closures are coordinated. One example datong the road works on Ring 3, which are causing reduced access from June 2018 to June 2017. This makes it difficult to Norwegixn projects taking place in parallel on road and rail. Both the Rail and the Roads Administrations have comprehensive, long-term projects underway that will sometimes coincide, not least because very extensive line closures are only feasible during holiday periods. Who decided that so many routes Norewgian be closed, both road and rail. The Norwegian Parliament decided that the infrastructure around Oslo S should be completely renewed.

It is very worn down.

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datinf Dating profile Norway would not be possible to upgrade to a modern railway without closing lines at various times. We Norsegian had rail-replacement services every weekend and every summer over recent years. When can we expect things to improve and the trains to run properly. At NSB, we depend on Jernbaneverket upgrading and developing Norwegiaan network, in order to enhance the reliability and punctuality of our services. Regrettably, the works this requires often affect our customers. This means we are obliged to offer replacement services. How sote NSB inform its customers about this. It is important for us to maintain a continuous, open and honest dialogue with our customers.

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We first issued information about the coming summer schedule in December 2018, along with a press release. Our communications will increase as summer approaches, via the media, e-mail, SMS, social media, the NSB app and on NSB. A short information video has also Noreegian produced. What is NSB doing to carry passengers this summer, and especially in week 31 (1 August - 7 Norwegian dating site. NSB is organising rail-replacement buses. We are also cooperating with Ruter on using their services. However, anyone who is able to do so is encouraged to travel at less busy times, to work from home or to take a holiday during this week. Does this also affect the Flytoget Airport Express. Yes, Flytoget will also be affected and is laying on rail-replacement bus services.